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Toronto Service Center Unveils First AHSS Slitting Line

Written by John Packard

Taylor Steel collaborated with Herr-Voss Stamco in order to produce the first slitting line specifically designed with the sole purpose of meeting the processing needs of the advanced high strength steels (AHSS) markets in North America. The new slitting line is using strand extensioning in combination with a 45 foot looping pit in order to process light gauge steels with strict shape, slit edge quality and needing to be tightly wound.

The 45 foot looping pit provides the necessary material needed to accumulate in front of the strand extension equipment. The strand unit consists of a series of rolls that trap the slit mults, top and bottom, directly ahead of the recoil mandrel. Pulling the slit coils through the rolls with the recoil mandrel creates equal tension on all of the cuts so they are wound up uniformly.

Gauge variations (crown) can be compensated for by adjusting the pressure in specific areas as required with the top bank of rolls. This process allows for the production of high quality products with minimum camber and superior width tolerance leading to less waste and improved cost-efficiency.

Advanced High Strength Steels (AHSS) are used primarily in automotive applications. The purpose is to make the automobile lighter by reducing the thickness of the steel but provide the same strength and formability standards as the thicker material it is replacing.

Taylor Steel spent $8.5 million on the equipment.  (Source: Taylor Steel)

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