August Chinese Steel Data

Written by Brett Linton

Chinese pig iron steel production in August 2013 was 59,931,000 metric tons, a slight decline of 0.15 percent over July figures but an 11.1 percent increase over the same month one year ago. Total crude steel production was 66,277,000 tons in August, a slight increase from the 65,474,000 tons reported for July but a large increase over August 2012 tonnage of 58,739,000 tons.

Total shipments for August totaled 91,935,000 tons, up from 90,747,000 tons the previous month and up from 79,515,000 tons in August 2012. Apparent consumption stood at 87,014,000 tons in August, up 0.27 percent from the previous month and up 13.8 percent from the same month one year ago.

The table below summarizes Chinese exports by the top 10 countries and the change from previous months.

Brett Linton

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