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Steel Imports Not Affected by Government Shutdown

Written by John Packard

Steel Market Update (SMU) asked David Phelps, president of the American Institute for International Steel if there were any issues involving steel imports which our readers needed to be aware.  He sent us an email with the following:

“…the Customs officials employed at the ports to process imports and exports are considered essential.  The licensing program is not operating, but importers have been notified to send emails to a specific location during the interim.  Not having a license is not a prohibition at this point to importing — but of course, the licenses are not due until the final paperwork is due, 10 days later.  If folks have disputes as to classification, penalties, etc. those Customs officials are not working and so that part of the CBP is not operating.  Line people, all working…On balance, nothing at the docks appears to be affected by the shutdown.”

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