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ThyssenKrupp Alabama Sale is Close to Conclusion

Written by John Packard

ThyssenKrupp AG put out a press release late this afternoon postponing their annual financial statements which were originally scheduled for this Thursday, November 21st. The reason being provided is the company is involved in “..exclusive negotiations on the potential sale of the US steel plant in Calvert/Alabama (ThyssenKrupp Steel USA). The talks also include a long term slab supply contract for ThyssenKrupp CSA, a solution that would secure the value of the Brazilian steel mill. Whether the transaction will be brought to a successful conclusion is still open at present….”

The company advised the establishment of their 2012/2013 fiscal year financial statements has been postponed to December 2, 2013.

SMU Note: The rumor mill has been rampant regarding the potential winning suitor for the ThyssenKrupp Steel USA facility for a number of months. To the best of our knowledge there are two main bidding groups: CSN out of Brazil and ArcelorMittal/Nippon Steel.

What makes the announcement interesting – and I am sure will peak a flood of speculation – is the comments regarding the “long term slab supply contract for ThyssenKrupp CSA.” SMU is aware that CSN was conducting negotiations on a long term slab supply agreement over the past few months. Those negotiations appeared to have failed to come to a resolution based on our sources.

We do not have any vantage point to gauge the negotiations between ArcelorMittal and ThyssenKrupp AG although we believe discussions continue between the two parties.

We do not know what mill will ultimately control the TK USA facility and we are quite certain that there are many anxious people sitting in their offices and on the plant floor in Calvert, Alabama just waiting for the deal to get done.

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