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Month of May Recap – Flat Rolled Steel Prices Relatively Stable

Written by John Packard

It was an active month when it came to flat rolled steel prices, at least it was active on a week by week basis. However, when looking at the total month price movement compared against where the previous month ended, then the month of May should be considered rather tame.

Hot rolled prices ended the month right where they left off at the end of April. According to SMU index the HRC average was $675 per ton ($33.75/cwt) right where it was at the end of April. With the exception of SteelBenchmarker, the other indexes we watch on a regular basis had similar results showing no movement in price from the end of April to the end of May.

Cold rolled ended the month of May $3 per ton lower than where it began according to the SMU index average. The other three indices had CRC up $6-$8 per ton for the month.

Galvanized was also lower by $3 per ton according to the SMU price data while CRU showed galvanized up $8 per ton.

Galvalume was down $5 per ton – mostly due to the influence of foreign steel and its impact on southern rolling mills which handle that product.

Plate prices rose fairly significantly according to Platts and SteelBenchmarker while CRU had plate up $7 per ton for the month.

Here is a look at the various indices and where prices ended the month of May.

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