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June Raw Steel Production Down 1.7 Percent

Written by Brett Linton

The American Iron & Steel Institute (AISI) reported their final raw steel production numbers for the month of June 2014. This estimation is different than the weekly raw steel production as it is based on 75 percent of the domestic mills reporting vs. 50 percent for the weekly estimates.

Total raw steel production for the month of June was reported to be 8,096,965 net tons with 5,058,161 tons being produced by electric arc furnaces (EAF) and 3,038,804 tons produced by blast furnaces. June raw steel production was reported by the AISI to have been 1.7 percent lower than the previous month.

Total raw steel production in 2014 throughout June is now 48,072,943 tons which is 1.2 percent above that of 2013 through the same time period. The capacity utilization rate for the month of June was reported to be 78.5 percent and 77.3 percent for 2014 YTD. (Source: AISI)

Below is a chart showing the monthly production figures as a 3-month moving average. The latest figure is at 8,074,646 tons, down from 8,133,352 tons in May.

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