Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

Written by John Packard

You may start to notice that we are beginning to “tweak” our new website. It has been online for approximately 8 months and we have identified a number of areas which we think we can improve for both our existing customers and those coming to our website for the first time. We have changed the positioning of our blog so it is now “above the fold” in the upper left hand side of the home page. You do not need to be a member of SMU to access blog posts and we try to blog about the industry as each day progresses. You may want to check our blog out as we do not always print in our newsletters items we are placing on our blog.

The next project we are working on is a redesign of our drop down menu. We are going to try to simplify the menus so we can get away from sub-menus. This fix will take a little while to accomplish and we will advise as we get closer (we hope within the next 2 weeks).

We are fixing some areas of the site which were causing both members and non-members to get “Error 404” messages. If you are on our website and get an Error 404 message please let me know (and what page you were on when the error occurred) so we can fix it. We noticed that we were getting Error 404 messages when we were logged into the website working in a secured area and then we logged out. At that point we were getting an error message. That should not happen again as that was being addressed late yesterday.

You will also notice we have new popup messages when you try to access content that is password (login) protected. If you are an Executive Level member and you try to access a Premium Level article or page you will get a new popup message. Prettier and more descriptive as to what your options are (become a Premium Level subscriber…).

I think we are closing in on over 100 companies registered to attend our Steel Summit Conference. We anticipate our attendance will be approximately 150 steel people. There are many companies who are bringing multiple people. We have identified those for you on our website. If you click on the Steel Summit Conference link from any page on the website you will go to the main Steel Summit page. From there you can find out anything you want (speakers, schedule, registration – single or group, etc.). On the right hand side of the page is a partial list of companies attending. Those with an asterisk (*) represent companies with more than one person attending.

We would love to see you and your company on our list of attendees. We have a great list of speakers and panelists and we think we have put together a program which will be appreciated by our attendees. The cost to attend is $1000 for non-SMU members (single individual) and $900 per person for SMU member companies. If you bring more than one person the price drops by $100 per person. You can register online or you are welcome to contact our office: 800-432-3475.

I hope to put out a full newsletter regarding our Steel Summit Conference which will provide all the information needed to make a decision (pass it on to your customers/suppliers) about whether you should attend by the end of this week.

For those interested in attending our workshops – Steel 101 will be October 7 & 8 in Fort Wayne, Indiana and will include a tour of the Steel Dynamics Butler, IN flat rolled mill. You can fly into Ft. Wayne, Indianapolis or Toledo, OH. Details are on our website. This should be an interesting opportunity for those both new to the industry and moving into new positions to meet SDI personnel at different levels as the company will be participating in our workshop (as attendees), providing a tour of their facility (operations) and then hosting a networking/cocktail party and dinner at our hotel that evening (sales/operations/management). Space is limited and SMU member companies receive a discount to attend the two day program.

We are working with the CME Group right now to cement new dates for our next Managing Price Risk II workshop. Most likely it will be in mid-November in Chicago and we will advise the exact dates and location once we are confirmed with the CME Group.

I want to take this opportunity to once again thank all of our loyal members for your business which is truly appreciated by all of us here at Steel Market Update.

John Packard, Publisher

Where can you see Timna Tanner vs. John Anton Round 4..?

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Final thoughts

Last week was a newsy one for the US sheet market. Nucor’s announcement that it would publish a weekly HR spot price was the talk of the town – whether that was in chatter among colleagues, at the Boy Scouts of America Metals Industry dinner, or in SMU’s latest market survey. Some think that it could Nucor's spot HR price could bring stability to notoriously volatile US sheet prices, according to SMU's latest steel market survey. Others think it’s too early to gauge its impact. And still others said they were leery of any attempt by producers to control prices.