T'was 2 Days Before Christmas...

Written by Sandy Williams

We received this poem from one of our manufacturing customers with a sense of humor. Enjoy and Happy Holidays to each and every one of you.

T’was just 2 day’s,
Before Christmas,
When all through the market,
The mills are so quiet,
Will they hit my target?

Their stocks keep dropping,
The market’s a bear,
The mills keep crying.
“Imports aren’t fair”.

The marketing guys seem nestled,
All safe in their beds,
While visions of dropping prices,
Danced in their heads.

The mills are hiding,
Praying for a cap,
While buyers keep watching,
Low imports fall in their lap.

When on my computer,
There rose such a clatter,
Closing schedules and import offers,
More of the latter.

Away to my order book,
I flew like a flash,
But alas, my warehouse is full,
Not even room for the trash.

Happy Holidays to everyone in the steel industry. With fingers crossed we are hopeful 2015 will be a safe and profitable one for everyone within the industry.

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