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Galvanized Steel Extras Review

Written by John Packard

Earlier this year US Steel adjusted their coating extras and the long wait began for other mills to follow suit. In the meantime, spot zinc prices dropped below $0.74 per pound before bouncing back to $0.82 per pound over the past few days. Over the past couple of weeks most of the domestic mills have made adjustments (lowered) to their galvanized coating extras.

We have done a quick comparison of the published extras provided by each mill. Our G90 analysis is shown in the table below. However, we have G30, G60 and G90 analysis on our website and you can find the data by clicking here or going to the “Resources” tab then “steel mills” and “galvanized extras comparison.”

The mills to adjust prices over the last few days include SDI, CSN, NLMK and Wheeling-Nisshin. We will continue to adjust our table as mills roll out new coating extras.


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