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Imports of Hot Rolled Sheet by District of Entry and Source Country

Written by Peter Wright

SMU has developed a series of reports that cover hot rolled, cold rolled, HDG, other metallic coated, coiled plate and semi-finished slabs. These reports are a detailed drill down into tons by source country and port of entry.

Total imports of HR in 2015 were 3,477,187 metric tons. Table 1 shows the tonnage by port of entry with the source country for each item in total for the year and by month (The Table 1 hyperlink is to a PDF download due to the large amount of data displayed). For example, in December 37,350 tonnes came in through Boston of which 16,900 was from Brazil. If you happen to be interested in Philadelphia you will see that the tonnage dropped off significantly after April and stayed low for the rest of the year, the UK and the Netherlands were the major suppliers into Philly for the year.

San Francisco received the most tonnage for 2015 as a whole with 677,000 tonnes of which 666,000 came from Korea.

On a monthly basis January had the highest tonnage and December the least but this was not a linear progression. Tonnage in February through October was in a fairly narrow range.

Table 2 turns this data on its head and shows the tonnage by source country and which ports it came into (The Table 2 hyperlink is also to download a PDF). Korea was the most prolific source with almost 857,000 tonnes which, as mentioned above, mostly came into San Francisco. If, for example, you are interested in how much HR came out of Turkey in 2015, the answer is 194,000 tons of which almost 106,000 came in through New Orleans.

Our intention is for these reports to enable you to determine exactly what is going on in your area for whichever product you are most interested in.

SMU Note: If you have any issues accessing Table 1 or Table 2 please contact for assistance.

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