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New Galvanized Coating Extras: An Analysis

Written by John Packard

Over the past week the domestic steel mills have been revising their galvanized coating extras due to the higher prices for zinc which ended the week at $1.1412 per pound. We have managed to collect a number of the mill extras and we thought our readers would like to see a comparison of the extras from mill to mill. The table we are presenting this evening is just the G90 extras. We will update all of the coating weights in our website including those of the mills we are missing from tonight’s comparison.

We see the largest spreads out of USS/POSCO on the west coast (we do not yet have California Steel’s extras) versus the east coast mills. For example, .016” G90 coating extra is $10.60/cwt at UPI (USS/POSCO) and $11.70/cwt-$11.75/cwt at the east coast mills.

Steel buyers should review the coating extras at a number of mills so you are aware of the differences that may exist between different suppliers.

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