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SSAB Americas Moving Headquarters

Written by Sandy Williams

SSAB Americas is moving its head office from Chicago to Mobile to be near to its Axis, Ala., steel mill.

“Mobile is a growing community with a booming economy; we are excited to expand our presence in the area as a trusted employer and community partner,” said Chuck Schmitt, President, SSAB Americas. “Moving our team to Mobile will ensure that our senior leaders and support staff work in closer proximity to our front-line operations, where key decisions are made for our business and customers.”

The transition will take place through 2018 and will relocate approximately 60 staff and SSAB executives.

“SSAB’s decision to relocate its North American headquarters to Mobile reflects the success the company has experienced with its Alabama steel mill, which continues to chart a growth path,” said Greg Canfield, secretary of the Alabama Department of Commerce. “With this headquarters project, SSAB will not only create high-paying jobs, but also solidify its presence in the state.”

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