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CRU Group Letter to SMU

Written by Tim Triplett

Many of you are already customers of CRU but for those who don’t know us as well, John thought it would be useful to say a little about what we do.  CRU has been growing our services since we were formed in 1969 in London, and we now have about 260 employees in 12 countries around the world. These includes more than 25 staff in the U.S., mostly operating out of two offices, in Pittsburgh and in New York.

Essentially we do four things: analysis and forecasting, price assessment, consulting, and events. And we do this across a wide range of commodities, generally in mining and metals. Our steel business is CRU’s biggest team, and a major part of that operation is our steel sheet price benchmarks in North America. For many years we have been by far the most trusted and respected price for hot rolled coil – used in contracts more often than all other providers combined, according to independent research. Our teams engage the market through phone/email direct contact, client visits, webinars, conferences, and briefings. Our steel team is running our next briefing in New York on June 25th, with both external and CRU speakers (including John Packard) – please email if you would like to attend.

We look forward to working with John and his team in building on the success that Steel Market Update already enjoys. Having what is now the biggest steel conference in North America is a great responsibility and we will continue to grow and develop to meet audience needs.

The newsletter side of the business is also a great fit with CRU’s other steel services – they both have potential to add value to the other. The research which John recently carried out with SMU customers shows just how highly valued it is and we want to retain this value as the newsletter products develop in the future.

There are bigger companies than CRU in the commodity information business – but we pride ourselves on our close and flexible relationship with customers and a fierce commitment to quality. We will work to make sure this applies to SMU customers as well.

If you are interested in finding out more about CRU, our people and our services, visit

Nick Morgan

Chief Executive Officer

CRU Group

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