Flack Global Metals Appoints David Feldstein Chief Market Risk Officer

Written by Sandy Williams

Flack Global Metals announced the appointment of David Feldstein to Chief Market Risk Officer. Feldstein will bring more than 15 years of extensive knowledge of commodity markets along with a history of customized and profitable financial structuring to assist customers and the FGM team in presenting, training, quoting and executing a wide range of fixed price solution physical purchase orders.

In 2012, Feldstein joined FGM as director of risk management to develop the proprietary risk management group in response to growing customer demand for fixed pricing options. Over the next six years, Feldstein pioneered this strategy within the industry to give FGM a competitive advantage in the marketplace and offer customers cutting-edge industry insight and analysis with customized supply chains.

“David has cultivated a growing list of customers who have reaped the benefits of his analysis,” said Jeremy Flack, founder and chief executive officer of FGM. “We believe that it is the right time to recognize the integral role he has played in facilitating these fixed deals, as he continues to help us offer our clients greater access to more secure and profitable supply chains – ahead of the market.”

In addition to his role at FGM, Feldstein serves as an ongoing contributor to Steel Market Update, providing insight on the HRC futures market. He is also founder and author of the FGM Week Over Week Report, a proprietary source for timely market information and analysis for subscribers and FGM customers, such as forecasting risks tied to market fundamentals and 232/tariffs. Additional real-time insights can also be found by following him on Twitter @TheFeldstein

Feldstein holds a bachelor’s degree from Michigan State University and an MBA from The University of Chicago Booth School of Business with a concentration in analytical finance, economics, econometrics and statistics.

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