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Olympic Steel Acquires McCullough Industries

Written by Sandy Williams

Olympic Steel announced the acquisition of McCullough Industries, a manufacturer of self-dumping hoppers for industrial applications. The all-cash purchase closed on Jan. 2.

McCullough and Wright branded containers are recognized nationally for their durability and performance, the company claims. Constructed from carbon and stainless steel, the hoppers are produced in a variety of configurations. Easily transported, they are used for storing, handling, recycling and transporting materials used in construction, food service and landscaping applications. The self-dumping hoppers can also be fitted with feeding devices and integrated into manufacturing processes and assembly lines for scrap and liquid waste collection.

“The McCullough acquisition marks our entry into manufacturing and marketing metal-intensive branded products, which is a key element to our long-term growth strategy,” said Olympic CEO Richard T. Marabito. “Vertical integration into manufacturing metal products allows us to utilize our existing assets and expertise to more consistently capture higher profit from the point of raw material purchase through the ultimate sale to the end customer.”

Olympic Steel veteran Joseph Casey has been named General Manager of the Kenton, Ohio, facilities. Products will continue to be produced by the existing workforce at McCullough Industries.

This is the second strategic acquisition by Olympic Steel in the past nine months.

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