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U.S. Steel Exports Jump in October

Written by Brett Linton

The U.S. exported 709,496 tons of steel in October, according to final Census data, a 15 percent increase from September and up 12 percent from the same month one year ago.

October exports were 13 percent above the 2019 average of 625,236 tons, but remain significantly muted compared to recent years. As shown in the purple line graph below, this October figure is the highest seen since June 2018, which was the month before exports dropped from 850,000+ ton levels to sub-700,000 levels.

Total October exports were above the three-month moving average (average of August, September and October), and above the 12-month moving average (average of November 2018 through October 2019). Here is a breakdown by product:

Cut plate exports rose 7 percent from September to 79,165 tons, also up 17 percent compared to one year ago.

Exports of coiled plate were 39,469 tons in October, up 4 percent over last month and up 55 percent year over year. This is the highest level seen since March 2018 when 39,662 tons were shipped out of the country.

Hot rolled steel exports shot up 109 percent over September to 97,148 tons, and were up 75 percent over October 2018. This jump was due to a 51,535 ton (151 percent) surge in exports to Mexico. The last time hot rolled exports were this high was September 2017 (106,635 tons).

Exports of cold rolled products were 40,511 tons in October, down 2 percent from September, and down 17 percent over the same month last year.

Galvanized exports rose 10 percent month over month to 111,461 tons. Compared to one year ago, October was up 2 percent.

Exports of all other metallic coated products were 20,996 tons, up 17 percent from September, but down 6 percent compared to one year ago.

US Steel Exports

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US Steel Exports

US Steel Exports

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