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Introducing SMU Community Chat Webinars

Written by John Packard

Beginning the week of April 6, 2020 SMU will launch a new online webinar. We are calling it the “SMU Community Chat.” Our idea is to have a live discussion with SMU and other experts on one subject of importance to the greater steel community we serve in real time.

SMU MobileOur idea is to allot from 30 to a maximum of 45 minutes so as not to take away from your day-to-day responsibilities, while at the same time allowing you and your employees a way to remain connected to the industry through the SMU Community platform.

The online meeting will be free of charge and will be done using Zoom ( We will provide the subject matter a day or two prior to the meeting taking place. This will allow you the opportunity to ask SMU questions on the topic before the meeting.

Because we want the webinar/chat to be topical, we will reach out to SMU readers for suggestions on what you would like to see covered, and who we should ask to be a guest speaker.

We are targeting next Wednesday, April 8, for our first SMU Community Chat and the suggestion box is now open. Please send suggestions on what you would like to see for content/speakers to:

If you have any questions, please reach out to me directly at 770-596-6268 or

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