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CBSA Initiates Antidumping Case on Plate after Algoma Complaint

Written by Sandy Williams

Algoma Steel welcomed a decision by the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) to initiate an antidumping investigation regarding hot-rolled heavy steel plate exported from Chinese Taipei, Germany, South Korea, Malaysia and Turkey.

Algoma submitted a complaint to CBSA on April 6, 2020, alleging that the goods indicated were illegally dumped, causing injury to Canadian producers and workers.

Algoma Steel CEO Michael McQuade commented on today’s development, “Algoma Steel has been successfully serving the Canadian market for over 100 years. On a level playing field, Algoma will compete with any producer in the world. However, where exporters choose to dump steel into Canada, we will not hesitate to respond. Maintaining a strong Canadian trade defense system is especially critical in today’s volatile trading environment.”

A preliminary decision by the CBSA and Canadian International Trade Tribunal will be issued by Aug. 24, 2020. If an affirmative decision is made on dumping, duties will be imposed as of Aug. 25, 2020, and possibly retroactively to May 27.

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