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TNT Pipe and Tube is now Heidtman Tubular Products

Written by David Schollaert

Heidtman Steel Products, Inc., a leading coil service center, has renamed its tube mill, formerly TNT Pipe and Tube, to Heidtman Tubular Products. The change comes as Heidtman Steel seeks to showcase its vertical integration and full ownership and commitment to the tubular business, the company said.

“As one of the largest, privately held, flat rolled steel service center networks in North America, we’re known for our quality products and customer service,” said Tim Berra, Heidtman Steel’s president and CEO. “This name change is intended to ensure that our customers know that Heidtman Steel’s focus on quality and service extends to our pipe and tube offerings as well.” 

Heidtman Steel originally expanded into tube manufacturing through a joint venture known as TNT Pipe and Tube in November 2019. As the majority shareholder, investing $9.1 million, the new tube mill was located on Heidtman’s Bedford campus in Erie, Mich., and was fully operational by August 2020. The new mill has provided Heidtman the opportunity to enter the value-added product area for its steel coil processing and galvanizing capabilities, benefiting its current and future customers, the company said.

Heidtman Steel has over 65 years of service, selling over 750,000 tons of flat rolled steel products and processing over 2.5 million tons annually. Its vertical integration with Heidtman Tubular Products affords its customers with a wide variety of products and markets, including mechanical and HSS tubing.

By David Schollaert,

David Schollaert

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