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Pipe & Tube Producers Hike Prices $50 Per Ton

Written by Sandy Williams

Some leading pipe and tube producers are increasing prices by $50 per ton due to increased demand from construction and automotive-related industries, as well as higher raw material costs. 

On Monday, Nucor Tubular Products announced an immediate $50 increase on all new orders for HSS, pipe, mechanical and piling products. Atlas Tube followed suit on HSS and EXLTUBE on A500, A513 and A53B products.

Nucor says all orders booked prior to the announcement will be price protected for shipments through Oct. 12. EXLTUBE is protecting previously booked order shipments through Oct. 9.

Said one producer: “Lead times are as far out as I have seen since Section 232, and inventories are even tighter right now. Especially rack manufacturers, heating and cooling manufacturers and automotive-related industries. Trailers are strong again.”

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