SMA: Steel Industry is Ready, Willing and Able

Written by Sandy Williams

The Steel Manufacturers Association applauds the Congressional Steel Caucus for their bi-partisan support of Buy America policies to fix America’s infrastructure.

Said SMA President Philip Bell, “Yesterday, a bipartisan group of over 50 members of Congress affirmed that Buy America procurement policies that promote using steel made in America by Americans is a trade-compliant approach to create jobs and strengthen our economy. Using American-made steel is also the most sustainable way to “Build Back Better” because it reduces the amount of high CO2 emitting foreign steel imports.”

Bell added, “The domestic steel industry is ready, willing and able to play a pivotal role in rebuilding and upgrading our nation’s critical infrastructure.”

The letter from the Caucus to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy called the pairing of Buy America policies and an expansive infrastructure bill “common sense.”

Wrote the Caucus, “We urge improvements that broaden Buy America applications across all forms of federally assisted and direct federal infrastructure spending, while covering more materials beyond iron and steel, closing loopholes, and defending the “all manufacturing processes” standards that ensure raw steel production occurs here in the United States. Each dollar that is directed overseas is a missed opportunity to revitalize our nation’s manufacturing sector and create good wage jobs for American workers.”

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