Zekelman Helps Fund Kabul Airlift Rescue

Written by Tim Triplett

Zekelman Industries reports that it donated $1 million to help charter two flights into and out of Kabul, Afghanistan, which successfully rescued 534 American citizens and lawful permanent residents, spouses and children after the U.S. military withdrew from the city.

The mission was sponsored by Task Force Argo, a group of private citizens working to evacuate Americans and Afghan partners stranded in the war-torn country. When Army veteran Jim Young of Sabot Development reached out to Zekelman Industries, EVP Mickey McNamara and Chairman and CEO Barry Zekelman said they jumped at the opportunity to help. “We went all in when our good friend and business partner Jim Young reached out to see if we could support this,” Zekelman said. “We felt privileged to be able to do so – to support those who have served and to play a part in rescuing American citizens, lawful permanent residents, spouses and children. It was the right thing to do.”

The Task Force Argo team said it moved quickly to handle logistics and coordinate with contacts in Kabul, the U.S. Department of Defense and Department of State to vet the passenger lists and clear everyone for landing in Abu Dhabi. The volunteer rescue organization said it continues to work to secure safe passage for all evacuees to their final destinations.

Zekelman Industries is one of the largest suppliers of pipe and tube products in North America.

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