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Canada Considers Collecting Melt & Pour Info on Steel Imports

Written by Laura Miller

Canada is seeking public comment as it considers collecting and publishing country-specific information about where steel imports are melted and poured under the nation’s Steel Import Monitoring Program.

Mary Ng, Minister of International Trade, Export Promotion, Small Business and Economic Development announced the public consultations. Monitoring the country where a steel import was originally melted and poured “could increase supply chain transparency and help in obtaining a more fulsome picture of the origins of imported steel goods,” Ng’s office said.

All Canadians, including steel producers, manufacturers, processors, distributors, retailers and importers, industry associations and labor unions, as well as academics and experts, are invited to take part in the consultations through June 26.

Canada’s government says strengthening its steel import monitoring system is key in helping to improve its trade-remedy systems.

“Canada’s steel sector is an important part of our economy, providing thousands of Canadians with good middle-class jobs. Our government is committed to ensuring that the steel industry, and the people and communities who rely on it, are able to compete and succeed in a market that is not distorted by unfairly traded steel imports,” Ng said in a statement.

The Canadian Steel Producers Association welcomed Ng’s announcement in a Tweet, saying, “We must keep pace with our trading partners & increased transparency in the steel supply chain is important as we work to promote Canada as a reliable producer of green steel.”

By Laura Miller,

Laura Miller

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