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Nucor Advances Nuclear Energy Plans for Mini Mills

Written by Laura Miller

Nucor has taken another step toward using nuclear power to fuel its electric-arc furnace (EAF) steel mills.

The Charlotte, N.C.-based steelmaker has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with NuScale Power to evaluate co-locating NuScale’s VOYGR™ small modular nuclear reactor (SMR) power plants near Nucor’s mills. Doing so would provide carbon-free electricity to the mills and help the steelmaker achieve even greener steelmaking.

NuScale says one of its VOYGR SMR plants can produce up to 924 MWe of carbon-free energy on just 0.05 square miles, compared to 94 square miles for wind and 17 square miles for solar.

The two companies are also exploring an expanded manufacturing partnership in which Nucor’s net-zero steel Econiq™ would be used in the building of NuScale’s projects. NuScale is also considering building a power module manufacturing facility near a Nucor mill.

The MoU further strengthens the relationship between the two companies. Last year, Nucor invested $15 million in NuScale to further its technology.

“Nucor is committed to supporting the development of transformative technologies that will deploy safe, reliable, affordable, 24/7, base-load carbon free power, like NuScale’s VOYGR SMR plants. Not only will Nucor’s partnership with NuScale help pave the way for a zero-carbon energy future for our nation, but we will be building this new generation with the cleanest steel products made anywhere in the world,” commented Nucor chair, president and CEO Leon Topalian.

“NuScale is thrilled to take this step forward with Nucor, a company that shares our commitment to sustainability and deeply understands the role of NuScale’s technology in delivering clean, reliable baseload power to support the global energy transition,” noted NuScale president and CEO John Hopkins.

By Laura Miller,


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