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Boston Metal Raises $262M in Latest Fundraising Round

Written by Laura Miller

Boston Metal has closed on another round of financing, allowing it to move forward with bringing what it hopes will be a breakthrough steelmaking technology to market.

The Woburn, Mass.-based company closed this week its Series C fundraising, having raised $262 million.

New investors in the latest fundraising round include Aramco Ventures, M&G Investments, Goehring & Rozencwajg, and Baillie Gifford. ArcelorMittal, Vale, and BHP Ventures are among the previously announced investors.

With the funding, Boston Metal plans to “accelerate deployment of its high-value metals business, grow its team globally and commercially demonstrate its molten oxide electrolysis (MOE) platform for decarbonized steelmaking.”

The company thinks its MOE process, which uses electricity to produce a variety of metals and alloys from a wide range of feedstocks, will help the steel industry to decarbonize. It says the process is more energy efficient and has a lower environmental impact than traditional methods.

Boston Metal is working to bring the MOE process to commercial scale. Its current plans are to ship its first high-value metals in 2024 and to bring the MOE technology to the broader steel market by 2026.

Laura Miller

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