CDK cyberattack cripples auto dealerships, slows sales

Written by Laura Miller

A cyberattack on CDK Global has shut down the systems at automotive dealerships and slowed down sales across the US.

CDK provides data and technology to the automotive, heavy truck, and heavy equipment industries. Its integrated software platforms are used at dealerships for all parts of the business, including sales, financing, parts supply, repair, and maintenance.

The company was hit with a series of cyberattacks from an unknown source beginning on Wednesday, June 19. The attacks crippled its software systems at some 15,000 dealerships, according to reports.

The dealerships have been forced to use alternative measures to keep business going, including reverting to the old ‘pen and paper.’ This has slowed down business and sales considerably.

According to an Automotive News report, CDK told dealerships the outages would likely last through at least the end of the month.

As one Reddit user who works in the parts department at a US dealership explained, “CDK Global is the brains of a car dealership. Literally everything we do is controlled by this software.” According to him, “The CDK outage is a lot bigger than people realize.”

Laura Miller

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