About Steel Market Update

The flat rolled steel market is complex, competitive, and cyclical. That means your job is always challenging, sometimes confusing, and occasionally chaotic.

Our job is to make your job easier.

If that got your attention, you probably have some important follow-up questions. Let's answer four of the ones we hear most often.

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Who is Steel Market Update (SMU)?

The short answer is that we are the industry's only independent and impartial voice for the buyers and sellers of flat rolled steel products.

The longer answer is that we provide the "what," "why," and "how" about steel pricing, industry news and market trends in North America for seven steel & scrap product categories:

  • Hot Rolled Steel
  • Cold Rolled Steel
  • Galvanized Steel
  • Galvalume Steel
  • #1 Heavy Metal Steel Scrap (HMS)
  • Shredded Steel Scrap
  • #1 Busheling Steel Scrap

First, we explain "what" is happening – in a thorough and timely manner.

Then we analyze "why" these things are happening – our research is aggressive and our evaluation is thoughtful.

Finally, and perhaps most important, we offer responsible and reliable perspective about "how"various industry developments will impact you and your decision-making.

Our information is assembled in part by a staff of talented writers and a panel of prominent industry experts, but above all, SMU is John Packard – the publisher of SMU whose experience and expertise comes from a 30-year career in the steel industry. His experience includes senior management, sales & purchasing positions at service centers, trading companies and a domestic mill. Like you, he has been held the responsibilities associated with sitting in your chair as a buyer or seller of steel products.

Steel Market Update maintains ongoing conversations at all levels of the steel industry, from the executive suite to the newly hired buyer, salesperson or support staff. SMU never hesitates to ask tough questions on your behalf – and then we always deliver the answers to you clearly, candidly, and completely.

In an uncertain and ever-changing marketplace, there is at least one certain constant: Steel Market Update.

What Can SMU Do For Me?

Our business is steel pricing and market trends, but what we deliver is your competitive edge – and we do it with these product offerings:

  • Newsletter
    • Published three times every week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) in two editions
      • the "Executive" version meets the needs of most subscribers
      • the "Premium" version is available for subscribers who prefer more details to address their specific interests
    • Subscriptions are available on an individual basis – or at a discounted corporate rate if there are multiple receivers within the same company, not necessarily at the same location
  • Steel Price Index
    • The only industry source for a xx-week price range (high, low, average) of seven steel & scrap product categories --
      • Hot Rolled
      • Cold Rolled
      • Galvanized
      • Galvalume
      • #1 Heavy Metal Scrap (HMS)
      • Shredded Scrap
      • #1 Busheling Scrap
    • Published once per week
    • Website has ability to graph multiple price series together
  • SMU Proprietary Products
    • SMU Price Estimator
    • SMU Steel Buyers Sentiment Index published twice per month
    • SMU Price Momentum Indicator reviewed daily
    • SMU Key Market Indicators published once per month
    • SMU Steel Market Survey produced twice per month and covering time sensitive industry topics: pricing, negotiations, mill lead times, service center spot pricing, OEM and service center demand levels, foreign steel, etc. Ours is the only flat rolled steel survey known to include manufacturers, service centers, wholesalers, mills, trading companies, toll processors and suppliers to the industry as respondents.
  • Annual "Steel Summit" Conference
    • Two-day conference held each year, usually in early September at a convenient location in the United States
    • Expert speakers, panel discussions, and workshop sessions provide valuable insight and answers about industry topics vital to our individual and collective business success
  • Educational Workshops
    • We have developed many proprietary training courses which are held periodically each year
      • "Hedging & Managing Price Risk" (one-day session)
      • "Steel 101 – Introduction to Steelmaking & Market Fundamentals"(two-day session)
      • "Steel 201 – Advanced Course on Steelmaking & Market Fundamentals"(two-day session)
      • "Sales & Purchasing Training 101" (one day or two half day sessions)
    • Attendees earn credit toward Certified Purchasing Manager (CPM) accreditation from the Institute of Supply Management (ISM)
    • In addition, we can create customized educational workshops and training courses for the specific interests or concerns of your company
  • Speaking Appearances
    • John Packard is available to speak at company or association events. Contact us to discuss fees and how Mr. Packard can enhance the agenda of your meeting.
    • Each year, Mr. Packard accepts a limited number of unpaid appearances on behalf of non-profit industry groups.
  • Consulting
    • Steel Research Associates, an affiliated company owned by Paul Lowrey, is available for assignments by the product, by the mill, or by other specialized category you may require. Contact us to discuss how we can assist with your situation.

How Is SMU Different?

We do business differently in at least 10 important ways:

    • We are steel people – not journalists, not commodities researchers, not economic analysts. Our background is working with mills,service centers, trading companies and with end-users.
    • We understand and are sensitive to your needs, your concerns, your point-of-view – so the information we provide answers the questions you have.
    • We are independent and impartial – our focus is on end-users, so we rely on information from buyers of steel not just from makers of steel.
    • We do more than report news – much more – as we conduct aggressive research and thoughtful analysis, then we compile it all into the industry's most thorough evaluations.
    • We deliver information that is especially relevant to you and your decision-making – because we provide it in a timely manner as it is happening and because we explain what it means to you.
    • We give you both the facts and our opinions – but we separate the two so you can understand the facts, then interpret them and form the opinions that will enable you to make the best possible buying or selling decisions during the next 30 to 90 days.
    • We speak with you in clear, easy-to-understand language – it's something we call "kitchen table English" because it's the way we all talk with good friends in the comfort of our home.
    • We provide a platform, through our blog and our Twitter account, for you to have conversations with manufacturers, with customers, with industry colleagues, and with us.
    • We feature the industry's only interactive "Price Estimator" – a unique tool that enables you to make informed choices before you have to live with the consequences.
    • We offer the industry's only 100% money-back guarantee – if we don't provide the valued-added information that allows you to save money and make money, then we will refund the full price of your SMU subscription. Think of it as "No results = No questions = No risk."

Why Should I Choose SMU?

For one very simple reason – we deliver results!

At Steel Market Update, we believe buying & selling steel is like playing chess – those who make moves one at a time will invariably lose to those who can envision the game a few moves ahead.

That's why we don't just provide steel prices and trends – we give you the information you need to manage your business in a strategic manner, with one eye firmly focused on the present and the other eye planning realistically for the future.

Our advice is unbiased, but our objective is extremely biased – your financial success.

That's why Steel Market Update is not just a newsletter – it's an investment in your decision-making and in your profitability.

That's why Steel Market Update is the first name – and the last word – in steel pricing.

That's why you should act NOW to begin receiving and benefiting from Steel Market Update!

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