SMU Launches ‘Ethics and Your Business’

Sunday, July 16, 2017 1:25 PM Written by 

Is today’s contentious and acrimonious political climate having a negative effect on American business? Is the win-at-any-cost attitude in politics, so evident in everyday news reports, eroding ethical business practices in steel and other industries? Is it OK to bend the truth or to make up “fake news” to damage your competition?

The desire to do whatever it takes to be successful in business is nothing new. (Case in point: Gordon Gekko, who proclaimed “Greed is Good” in the ’80s depiction of Wall Street.) But there’s a thin line between success and unethical behavior, and it’s hard to determine if it’s moving in a positive or negative direction.


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Tim Triplett

Tim Triplett is the executive editor of Steel Market Update. Tim joined SMU after 20 years as editor-in-chief of Metal Center News Magazine. A journalist and business writer for 40 years, Tim holds an MBA from Aurora University. Tim can be reached at or by phone at 630-513-5916.

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