SMU Community Chat with Erik Hedborg of CRU

Guests: Erik Hedborg

CRU principal analyst Erik Hedborg, who has deep experience in iron ore and in pellets, was the featured speaker on our recent SMU Community Chat this past Wednesday, Jan. 24, at 11 am ET.

What we talked about

Hedborg first talked about the structure of both the North American and the global iron ore markets. It should be a helpful explainer for those in the EAF-dominated US who might be more well-versed in scrap.

He also discussed recent market trends in both ore and in pellets – and what those trends mean for steel markets here. Hedborg in addition provided an outlook for 2024.

He took questions too.

Why should you listen?

Hedborg previously worked as an analyst in the iron ore industry with a special focus on the pellet market and China. He speaks fluent Chinese and holds a MSc from the Lulea University of Technology in Sweden and an MA from the Berlin School of Economics and Law.