SMU Community Chat with Chris Kuehl of Armada Corporate Intelligence

Guests: Chris Kuehl

Dr. Chris Kuehl is the Managing Director of Armada Corporate Intelligence. He provides forecasts and strategic guidance to a wide variety of corporate clients around the world. Kuehl has spoken at numerous SMU Steel Summit Conferences where his free-wheeling style both informed and entertained.

On Wednesday, May 13, Dr. Kuehl will participate in one of our free SMU Community Chat Webinars. Please join us at 11 a.m. Eastern Time. You are welcome to suggest to others within the greater steel and manufacturing communities to join us as well.

The SMU Community Chat Webinars are being well received by manufacturing companies, service centers, steel mills, trading companies, banks and financial institutions, analysts, toll processors and others supporting those industries. Here is a comment from Jodi Parnell, Vice President of Supply Chain Management for O’Neal Steel, LLC: “I really like these Wednesday chats, and the variety in the speakers and their views.  Keep these going!!  I love all the different perspectives.”

Come join us this coming Wednesday for another perspective on how we work our way out from under this pandemic.

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