SMU Community Chat with Josh Spoores of CRU

Guests: Josh Spoores

Josh Spoores, principal analyst at CRU, will be the featured speaker on the next SMU Community Chat webinar on Wednesday, April 5, at 11 a.m. ET.

The live webinar is free. A recording will be available for free to SMU members.

We’ll talk about CRU’s forecast for fourth quarter HRC prices and the factors that go into making that forecast. That includes everything from lead times, inventory data, and sentiment to current events such as recent troubles in the banking sector.

We’ll also discuss CRU’s prices, methodologies, and some common questions about them. That matters because CRU’s HRC price is the benchmark used in most physical market contracts as well as in CME’s HRC futures contract.

Spoores will in addition share his thoughts on the latest market developments. Those musings are informed by broad experience within the steel industry not only at CRU but also at Majestic Steel USA and Severstal North America.

We’ll take your questions, too!

As always, we’ll keep it to about 45 minutes. You can drop in, learn something – and then get on with your day.

Full disclosure: CRU is SMU’s parent company. SMU aims to provide a snapshot of the market as it is. CRU is your go-to for more in-depth analysis and forecasting.

PS – If you’d like to see past Community Chat webinars, you can find those here. Our most recent was with Ken Simonson, chief economist for the Associated General Contractors of America (AGC).

By Michael Cowden,