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Final Thoughts

Written by John Packard

I spent part of an afternoon with one of our customers the other day. When I was selling steel this was a common occurrence. Now my schedule and time constraints make it much more difficult and that is one of the things I miss from my steel sales days.

One of the questions this individual had, was with the new writers, how much time was I actually spending on researching and writing articles for the newsletter? I continue to do all of the research and writing associated with pricing and price trends. I evaluate all of the survey data. But, a number of months ago – as our new website project grew and grew – it became apparent that I would need to cultivate others around me to do research and write articles.

Our website project is at a point where a portion of my time each and every day is now dedicated to that project. The website we are building is much more complicated – both the public and private sections of the website – and we hope much more interesting than our existing website. Our goal is for each of you, our customers, to begin spending a portion of your day on our website – because it will be easy, different, entertaining, educational, and answer the questions you are asking yourself.

To get to that point is taking a lot of my time and that of my staff (as well as our developers). We hope you will see the results of our labors in the not too distant future.

Our Steel 101 workshop is gaining traction.  You can learn more about our program and how to register on our website: (or you can click on the banner ad on this newsletter).

As always your business is truly appreciated.

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