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Steel 101 – Steel Making, Rolling & Market Fundamentals

Written by John Packard

Steel Market Update (SMU) has developed an exceptional basic steel training program covering the steel industry (flat and long products). Our two day workshop, which we call – Steel 101: Introduction to Steelmaking & Market Fundamentals – is meant to provide a comprehensive review of the way steel is made by the blast/BOF or electric arc furnace/EAF process, how it is rolled, as well as how the products are sold into the marketplace.

All of our instructors are well seasoned veterans in their field. Within our group we have two metallurgists, three former marketing managers and two consultants/journalists currently involved in analyzing existing markets. Our goal is to share our knowledge but more importantly to provide tools which allow those attending our workshop to continue to learn and be effective in their jobs.

Our workshops tend to be very diverse with attendees from steel mills, trading companies, manufacturing companies, service centers, financial institutions, toll processors, mining companies, etc. We have also seen representatives from within these institutions ranging from top corporate executives looking for a refresher course to employees who were literally on their first days on the job.

What makes our Steel 101 workshop exception? One of our recent workshop attendees told us:

I think the idea of allowing for a mill tour is so key in the whole workshop process. All of the knowledge and information provided to us, especially the first day was solidified with the mill tour. You guys are essentially turning a concept into reality. I personally think that was the greatest part of the workshop…

…Being new to the steel industry all of the information provided to us was so beneficial. There are so many factors that go into the steel making process, buying and selling and more. Having experts… break it down into layman’s terms was absolutely great. I would recommend the class to anyone looking to further their knowledge in regards to any aspect of steel.

As Steel Market Update developed the Steel 101 workshop it became apparent that partnering with the domestic mill industry was an important piece of the puzzle if we were to provide a quality program for our attendees. We have partnered with NLMK USA, California Steel and Severstal Dearborn and our next workshop – which will be held on February 27-28, 2013 – will be in partnership with Severstal Columbus and will include a tour of the newest flat rolled mini-mill (EAF) in the United States. The Severstal Columbus mill is located in Columbus, Mississippi and has two electric arc furnaces and the capability to produce approximately 3.4 million tons of flat rolled steel per year (hot rolled through galvanized).

Even long product users will be impressed with the EAF’s and rolling process of the Columbus mill.

SMU has been conducting Steel 101 workshops for a number of years now and our instructors each have at least 30 years of active steel experience as well as having been with our program for a number of years. This experience pays dividends for our attendees as we interact with each group and adjust our program to accommodate the needs of those attending.

Registration is now open for our February 27-28th workshop. You can find more information about our program in the Events section of our website. You are also welcome to contact our office at: 800-432-3475 (706-216-5440) with any questions you might have.

Unless you are professionally tied to the Steel World, you cannot appreciate the many detailed processes that are STEEL. From production to the commercial realms, the journey iron ore or scrap takes to finally be delivered to its final home as a finished/transacted good is a long and detailed adventure…STEEL 101 finds a way to encompass that journey in a workshop so that anyone involved in steel, no matter what market, has something they can take back to work and use to better themselves and their organization. One of the most difficult aspects of being in steel is understanding “the big picture “and where everyone fits as a piece to the puzzle…STEEL 101 is a great place to go to find yourself and others in this amazing process. – Drew Digiacinto, Charter Manufacturing

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