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Final Thoughts

Written by John Packard

We have room for one (1) more person in our next Steel 101 workshop which will be held in the Columbus, Mississippi area (Starkville, MS) and include a tour of the Severstal Columbus steel mill. We will close registration on Wednesday of this week.

You will note our new banner ad at the top of the newsletter – we have a couple of openings as we move into the month of March.  We had been holding back on our advertising not knowing exactly when our new website (and newsletter format) were going to be ready.  It appears that will be a little later in the spring so if you would like to reach your target audience (flat rolled steel in North America) – this is the place to do it.  You can get information by clicking on the link in the ad or by requesting information from

You will hear us speaking – a lot – about our new website in the days and weeks ahead.  That is because just about everyone at SMU is now wearing two hats and doing two jobs – one for the newsletter and one for development of the website. Please bear with us as we go through this process – it is a lot of work, both creative and functional. We will try to give you an occasional glimpse of our efforts as soon as we can.

As always your business is truly appreciated.

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