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ArcelorMittal Receives Notice of Allowance of Re-Issue of Usibor Patent

Written by John Packard

Steel Market Update received the following information from an ArcelorMittal spokesperson this evening:

On February 19, 2013, the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) posted a Notice of Allowance of a re-issue of ArcelorMittal pioneer patent US 6 296 805 on aluminum pre-coated steel product for hot stamping, worldwide known as Usibor®, confirming its full validity and scope.

The USPTO’s decision is in agreement with ArcelorMittal’s position that the Usibor® patent applies notably to cold-rolled steel for hot stamping, with a final UTS of more than 1000 MPa.

ArcelorMittal is pleased with the decision confirming its patent rights for this innovative technology and will continue to vigorously enforce and defend its patent rights against any potential infringement.

ArcelorMittal’s steelmaking facilities in Indiana supply the Usibor® steel in the United States. ArcelorMittal’s Global Research and Development facilities continue to be the worldwide leader in developing and improving automotive steel technologies, including the Usibor® technology.

What is Usibor Steel?

SMU understanding of Usibor (an ArcelorMittal trademark) steel is the material is a hardenable boron alloyed steel coated with Aluminum-silicon. It is used in automotive components when high strength is required. The aluminum-silicon coating protects the steel from oxidation during heating and provides corrosion protection for the component.

Manufacturing is done in a press hardening line, where heated steel blank (900 degrees centigrade) is formed and then rapidly cooled to room temperature in a water-forming tool.  The result is a hardened part with a yield strength of 1100 MPa, and ultimate strength over 1500 MPa.

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