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Volume 1, #1 of SMU Monthly to be Published on Monday

Written by Diana Packard

Written by: John Packard

Steel Market Update is bringing online a new website with the next few weeks. Our first website took approximately a month to build back in the summer of 2008.  Almost as soon as it came online we realized it was underpowered for what we were trying to achieve for our readers as well as those coming to us through the Web. Our second website took almost a year to build and it has lasted for a few years but, like the first website it is underpowered for our current needs.

The new website, by the time it finally comes online, will have been under development and construction over the past two years. It would still be another year from completion if I didn’t have John Temples and Brett Linton on our staff who have been able to spearhead the final push of getting the website populated with both the old and new content.

You have already heard us speak about the three products we anticipate coming online with when the new site comes up.  One of those products will be a Monthly newsletter.  The Monthly issue will be published after the conclusion of every month and will detail the month’s price cycle(s), trends and important issues and news for the month.  The target audience are those who are unable to keep up with daily or three times per week publications but want information about the flat rolled markets in a condensed and concise format.

Volume 1, Issue #1 of our Monthly newsletter will be published on Monday. We consider it to be a work in progress so the first issue will be free and you will receive a copy.  We encourage comments and suggestions as we strive to make our Monthly addition of value to those who are not yet SMU member companies.  

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