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Input Costs Affecting Pricing, Iron Ore, Scrap, Zinc and Aluminum

Written by Brett Linton

The inputs which affect steel prices increased slightly during the month of September with the exception of shredded scrap and 58% Fe Iron Ore prices. Busheling and HMS scrap prices increased by $3 to $5 per ton in the Midwest. Iron ore spot pricing – which is measured out of China – showed one product increasing while the other decreased during the month. Zinc prices – used in galvanized, Galvalume, ZAM and Galfan – increased by just over $.03 per pound. Aluminum – used in Galvalume, ZAM, aluminized and Galfan also moved higher by a very modest $.0216 per pound. Both zinc and aluminum movements are very minor and should not impact steel pricing.

Brett Linton

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