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SMS Awarded Slab Conditioning Services Agreement with Severstal NA

Written by John Packard

CHICAGO, IL – November 6, 2013 SMS Mill Services Michigan, LLC (SMS) is pleased to announce that it has been awarded a steel slab conditioning services agreement with Severstal North America (SNA) at its Dearborn, Michigan operation.

With engineering already in process, SMS will provide infrastructure, equipment and personnel to fully scarf (skin), cut to length and slice to width steel slabs as required. Working with GeGa Corporation systems, SMS will provide the scarfing services on “hot” slabs to facilitate both timely and cost saving slab rolling.

“We are delighted by this opportunity to again expand our mill service offerings and operations”, says Larry Coe, President of SMS Mill Services. “I am confident our partnership with Severstal North America will be beneficial to both companies.”

Scrap Metal Services LLC, the parent of SMS Mill Services Michigan, already provides ferrous scrap to both SNA’s Dearborn, MI and Columbus, MS steel producing operations. (Source: SMS press release)

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