Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

Written by John Packard

Tonight’s issue is a mouth full. There are times when events occur which need more than 300 words to address. And, in the steel industry, there can be many viewpoints on the same subject. OCTG is one of those subjects. I hope you found the three articles from David Phelps, Paul Lowrey and Peter Brebach.

A reminder that I will be in Austin, Texas next week for the FMA Toll Processing Conference. This should be a very interesting conference (from my perspective) as it will focus on Advanced High Strength Steels (AHSS) which are being used to take weight out of automobiles and light trucks without sacrificing the strength of steel.

After Austin my next trip will be to the Association of Steel Distributors Annual Conference in Orlando, Florida. I will be speaking to the group on Saturday, March 22nd. The conference itself runs from March 20-22nd.

Then I will travel to Toronto to speak to the Toronto Steel Buyers & Associates on March 26th.

If you are planning on heading to Austin, Orlando or Toronto and would like to set up a private meeting (or just say hey) you can shoot me an email at:

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John Packard, Publisher


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