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Possible Expansion at SSAB Montpelier

Written by Sandy Williams

SSAB is looking at a potential expansion to its facility in Montpelier, Iowa that would increase steel production capacity by 1.2 million tons.

The expansion would add about 800,000 tons of finished product annually along with 400,000 tons of smelting capacity to be transferred as slab to SSAB’s mobile facility for rolling and finishing. The end result could increase Montpelier’s total capacity to 2.1 million finished tons per year.

“SSAB Americas is constantly reviewing opportunities to continue to grow in the plate market throughout the Americas and to support the growing needs of our customers,” said Jeff Moskaluk, chief commercial officer, SSAB Americas.

An engineering firm is currently studying equipment and infrastructure needs as well as permitting and licensing requirements. The preliminary study is expected to be completed in July 2014 and be ready for presentation to the Board of Directors in the fall. SSAB hopes to move ahead following approval with an accelerated timeline.

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