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USW Waiting With Trepidation for US Steel Formal Contract Proposal

Written by Sandy Williams

US Steel wants “to turn back the clock” in contract demands said the United Steelworkers in a statement on the ongoing contract negotiations.

“While we have yet to receive a formal, detailed proposal from the company, it’s clear from this initial outline that U.S. Steel is attempting to use the current industry downturn to gut our contract and weaken our union,” said the USW update.

Contract demands from US Steel include changes to health care that would raise annual deductibles and charge a monthly premium, said the USW in a summary of what is known so far by the negotiating committee. Medical plans would be eliminated for retirees.

New language in the contract would reduce vacation pay and bonuses and increase eligibility requirements. Scheduling and overtime pay would be adjusted as well as modifying hours-worked guarantees to four hours per day and 32 hours per week.

The USW is also concerned about potential changes in the union’s role in health and safety at US Steel facilities.

“These proposals do nothing to address the current climate in the steel industry – they are designed instead to take advantage of that climate to weaken our contract,” said the USW in its statement.

The US Steel labor contract is set to expire September 1, 2015.

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