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Steelscape Confident Their HRC Supply Will Not be Interrupted

Written by John Packard

SMU requested a comment from the president of Steelscape regarding the challenges the mill will face if their parent companies’ supply of hot rolled coil is potentially cut off. We received the following note regarding their sources of supply which are named in the hot rolled antidumping and countervailing duty petition filed last week:

“I apologize for the delay in responding, but would offer the following response.

As you are aware, six US steel producers filed Antidumping and Countervailing duty petitions against seven countries on August the 11th, 2015.  Steelscape imports a significant portion of its hot roll coil supply from Japan and Australia, both named in the petition.  We fully intend to work in conjunction with our owners to defend this case while maintaining ongoing supply.  

Steelscape is a significant employer and supplier of metallic coated and painted products for the construction industry on the west coast.

We also note that we have various supply options available to us in the event that we need to explore alternative sources.  We remain confident that our supply of raw materials will not be interrupted and we will continue to be the choice of high quality products and services that our customers require now and in the future.”

The note was signed by John Cross, President of Steelscape

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