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Samples of Latest Spot Mill Lead Times

Written by John Packard

We are seeing a divergence in the normal spread between hot rolled lead times and those of cold rolled and coated products. Normally, we would see HRC lead times at just a couple of weeks less than that of the other “higher value” products. With the demise of the energy segment of the industry that relationship has been upset as cold rolled and coated lead times are extending while HRC languishes in that 2-4 week range at many mills.

The Steel Dynamics Butler facility is quoting a hot rolled lead time the week ending February 5th (2 weeks) while their order books for cold rolled and galvanized are closed.  The SDI Columbus mill is out one extra week on hot rolled (3 weeks) and has cold rolled fully processed at 6 weeks (week ending March 5) and galvanized the week ending February 27th (5 weeks). However, when looking at SDI lead times you need to remember that as a company they try to keep lead times short on purpose for their customers.

The Techs (coated steels conversion mills) were reporting their lead times as being the week of March 20th on heavy gauge galvanized (9 weeks) and one week less on their thinner gauge mills.

Nucor Berkeley hot rolled lead times are being quoted as the week ending March 12 & March 19 (7-8 weeks) while cold rolled fully processed (annealed) is being quoted for the week ending March 26 to April 9th (9-11 weeks). Galvanized lead times were quoted as being 10-11 weeks (April 2 to April 9th).

Nucor Hickman and Nucor Crawfordsville were reported to be on an inquire only basis for spot customers on coated steel.

ArcelorMittal Nippon Sumitomo (AMNS) Calvert was reported to have closed their March order book on coated.

Double G (AM/USS joint venture mill) was reported by one of their customers to be in April production on Galvalume and May for light gauge hot dipped galvanized.

We heard Ternium was working on a 3-4 week lead time on their Galvalume/Galvanized orders (which is where they like to keep lead times in order to service their clients).

NLMK USA was reported to be in mid-February on hot rolled, mid-March on cold rolled and late March on galvanized.

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