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Michael Smerconish to Deliver Dynamic Keynote

Written by John Packard

John Packard and Ray Culley of Steel Market Update (SMU) spoke with Michael Smerconish of CNN and Sirus XM Radio on Monday afternoon as we prepare for one of the most dynamic finishes to any steel-related conference program.

The title of his presentation is, “How did we get here (politically) and what will it take to get out?”

Recently, the CEO of a manufacturing company located in the Philadelphia area told SMU that he would pay to go to our conference “…just to see Smerconish speak.” He is known to be that knowledgeable and entertaining.

Smerconish’s view of the political world is not single-focused as a member of the “right” or the “left,” and he was selected to speak about the political battlefield and the economy from both sides of the political spectrum. Our goal was to find an exceptional speaker on the topic who would be “fair and balanced,” while at the same time not pulling any punches.

We highly encourage attendees to book your flights for a 5 p.m. or later departure so you don’t miss Smerconish (who begins at 12:45 p.m. on Wednesday) and the equally impressive panel of exceptional young executives who will discuss what companies can do to attract, hire, train and maintain young people in manufacturing and steel-related jobs.

Our conference will adjourn at 3 p.m., and the airport is right next door, not more than 10 minutes away from the conference center.

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