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SMU Steel Summit 2018 - A Record Pace

Written by John Packard

Registrations for the 2018 SMU Steel Summit continue to come in at a steady pace. It took us until May 9 last year to reach the number of registrations that we already have as of the beginning of this week. There are 110 companies registered and we still expect 300 companies and 800 executives to fill the Georgia International Convention Center on Aug. 27-29. A SMU Steel Summit is a special experience for anyone involved with the steel industry, be it manufacturing/fabrication, distribution, production, trading, logistics, toll processors and all of the companies that service the industry. Tonight we are including a listing of the companies registered so far (those with an asterisk * means more than one executive will be attending). This is the premier conference to meet decision makers, meet new prospects/suppliers and to learn a great deal about the economy, the industry and the challenges/opportunities facing the industry.

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