Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

Written by John Packard

I am in Miami (South Beach) for a Bank of America Merrill Lynch conference. A little different than I am used to, but I guess the insights that Lewis Leibowitz and I bring on the market may help investors. I will be back in my office sometime late on Wednesday afternoon.

The questions that Lewis and I were getting this afternoon at a reception were about getting a “final” answer to the Section 232 tariffs/exclusions, et al. With the June 1 deadline approaching, I think the investors are hoping the chaos and uncertainty will go away. I don’t think Lewis or I are of that opinion. There will be more chaos to come.

We will have a full report on import licenses on Thursday. I will give you a heads up. The first two weeks’ rate has been much less than what we saw last month. Details coming soon.

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John Packard, Publisher

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