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ATRI’s Brewster to Tackle Trucking at SMU Steel Conference

Written by Tim Triplett

Ask almost any mill, service center or OEM executive to name their biggest headaches and trucking will be near the top of each list. Early this year, new regulations took effect requiring trucks to be equipped with electronic logging devices to limit drivers’ hours behind the wheel, creating an immediate shortage of trucking capacity. Trucks are hard to find, and when available, they’re expensive. Rebecca Brewster has some suggestions.

Brewster is the president and chief operating officer of the American Transportation Research Institute in Arlington, Va. ATRI researches trucking-related issues including the cost of congestion caused by the nation’s aging infrastructure, driver retention and the effects of the driver shortage, operational costs, safety, technology and the environment, among others. Brewster will be a featured speaker on Tuesday, Aug. 28, during Steel Market Update’s upcoming steel summit in Atlanta.

Brewster said her presentation will focus on the trucking industry’s top issues—the driver shortage, ELD mandate, truck parking, congestion and the future of autonomous vehicles—and how each impacts the industry’s ability to deliver freight in a timely and efficient manner. “I’ll also delve into how partners across the supply chain can work together to implement solutions,” she said.

The Aug. 27-29, 2018, SMU Steel Summit Conference is the premier steel event in North America. For more information and to register, go to: or call 772-932-7538.


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