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SMU Steel Summit Registrations Aim for Record

Written by John Packard

With 77 days still to go, it is clearly in the crosshairs. What we are referring to is the record for attendance at a SMU Steel Summit Conference. We set the record in 2017 with 667 registrations and 650 attendees (17 were unable to come due to Houston hurricane). Registrations just broke through the 600-person barrier and with just under three months to go we are on our way to setting a new record for registrations and attendance.

Me group scene 2017 Steel SummitThe conference begins at 1:30 PM on Monday, Aug. 27, and continues until 3 PM on Wednesday, Aug. 29. The location of the conference is the Georgia International Convention Center (, which is conveniently located adjacent to the Atlanta International Airport (ATL). No cab or car rental is needed to reach the convention center and the three main hotels located next to the GICC facility. There is a free Sky Train that services the convention center and the “Gateway” hotels. The trip time from the GICC to the airport is about 5-10 minutes, so you can make that 5 PM flight out of Atlanta without missing any of the program.

We have added a fourth hotel, which is the Atlanta Airport Marriott (not to be confused with the Atlanta Airport Marriott Gateway hotel). This hotel is located approximately two miles from the GICC facility. We will have shuttles taking people to and from this hotel during conference hours.

We have a great agenda scheduled. The networking possibilities will be endless. Many companies are bringing extra executives in order to maximize their exposure to both the conference and the networking opportunities.

There are two networking/cocktail parties scheduled. One on Monday, Aug. 27, right after the end of the program for the day (4 PM to 5:30 PM). That networking/cocktail party is being sponsored by Steel Dynamics and it will be held at the Georgia International Convention Center (not in the Marriott as in past years). The second networking/cocktail party will be from 4 PM to 5:30 PM on Tuesday and will be sponsored by Heidtman Steel. You will have plenty of time to meet your fellow attendees and still make whatever plans you have for dinner.

Steel Summit Graphic for any yearIf you would like to register for THE Premier steel conference in North America, please go to our website: or you can contact us by email: or by phone 772-932-7538.

You can see what companies are registered to attend by going to the SMU Steel Summit page on our website. So far, there are 266 companies registered to attend. We have seen a marked increase in the number of CEOs, Presidents and Chairmen of the Board along with many Vice Presidents of Purchasing and Sales, CFOs, salespeople, etc. The audience will be filled with decision makers.

SMU is looking forward to a contingent of the CRU Group management team and the owner of the company who will be traveling from London and from their offices in Pittsburgh.

Exciting times in the steel industry.

We look forward to seeing you and hundreds of your closest friends in Atlanta!

Tell your steel friends about us and feel free to forward this article/newsletter to anyone you think will benefit from attending our conference.



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