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Stelco Invests in “Actionable Intelligence” Software

Written by Sandy Williams

Stelco, one of the most technologically advanced integrated steelmaking facilities in North America, will take another step forward in the technology realm. Stelco has signed an agreement with Canvass Analytics to use the Canvass AI software to transform operational data into “actionable intelligence.”

“By partnering with Canvass Analytics, we are systematically transforming our facilities into intelligent operations environments and augmenting a digitally oriented workforce in order to take the efficiency of our operations to the next level,” said CEO Alan Kestenbaum. “Canvass Analytics quickly demonstrated to us the usefulness of AI in certain areas of our operations and the potential of applying AI across our operations in order to increase our profitability and competitiveness.”

AI software automatically collects data during operations and identifies patterns and correlations that it uses to predict potential problems and to optimize production.

Canvass Analytics describes its AI platform as helping firms “transform plant operations to become more analytical-minded, giving them predictive insights that empower them to make decisions based on operational data rather than intuitions or gut feeling.”

BI Intelligence predicts manufacturers will invest about $70 billion worldwide on IoT (Internet of Things) solutions in 2020, compared to $29 billion spent in 2015. As IoT adoption in manufacturing accelerates, this leaves steel plants challenged with untapped real-time data being processed across legacy systems, devices and machines.

“As manufacturers digitize their operations floor, they are inundated with volumes of data coming from a multitude of sources ,” said Canvass Analytics CEO Humera Malik. “The next step towards intelligent operations requires real-time analytics power that transforms operational data into actionable intelligence. Canvass Analytics empowers industrial operating teams to take control and make data-driven decisions that improves their performance, reduces costs and unlocks new revenue streams.”

Canvass Analytics is funded by Google’s Gradient Ventures. Customers include leading manufacturing and oil and gas companies.


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