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In Memoriam: Stuart Sherrick

Written by Tim Triplett

Stuart Sherrick, an employee at Curtis Steel Co. in Houston, died unexpectedly on Monday, March 9. Following is a tribute from his colleagues:

Stuart Sherrick served 32 remarkable years as an inside/outside sales representative for Curtis Steel Co., with time at New Process Steel prior to that. He quickly nestled himself deep into the core of the company and with each passing workday managed to remain true to the principles and values it was founded on over three decades ago. His relentless dedication to quality and customer service was dynamic and vital in the continued growth of a company that started as a small coil processor in 1976. He was a wealth of industry knowledge, an avid reader of the SMU newsletter and our unofficial resident metallurgist. He constantly strived to uphold the dependable reputation of the company he cherished and labored for. As a result, the loyalty he constructed through trust and dependability within his vast customer base will forever be unequalled.

This week as we continue to relay the news of his sudden passing to the numerous customers he serviced throughout his tenure, we have encountered an overwhelming amount of authentic sorrow and tears. These powerful reactions are a testament to the professional he was. We are all purchasers of various products who deal with sales representatives on a daily basis both professionally and in our personal lives. But how many sales representatives have we encountered through business transactions that have impacted us in such a way that would cause us to shed genuine tears for them? That’s why our colleague Stuart is truly an irreplaceable original who will be missed.

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